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Fish News

Fish News -- ScienceDaily
All about fish. Current research in marine biology including fish habitats, aquaculture, speciation, deep sea fish and more.
Fish News -- ScienceDaily
  • Camera sheds light on mate choice of swordtail fish
    We have all seen a peacock show its extravagant, colorful tail feathers in courtship of a peahen. Now, a group of researchers has used a special camera to discover that female northern swordtail fish choose their mates based on a similar display.
  • Judging a fish by its color: For female bluefin killifish, love is a yellow mate
    Researchers used male replicas of bluefin killifish and controlled their movement with robotic arms to improve repeatability in experiments designed to determine how fertile female fish would respond to male courtship. The surprising result: The females preferred males with yellow fins, contrary to existing research that indicated a preference to blue and red.

Coral Reef News

Coral reef information. Read current news articles on coral reefs in danger due to coral bleaching. See photos of coral reef fish and sponges. Learn about coral reef conservation.
  • Specialized species critical for reefs
    Coral reef ecologists fear that reef biodiversity may not provide the level of insurance for ecosystem survival that we once thought. This study found that even in high-diversity systems, such as tropical reefs, functional biodiversity remains highly vulnerable to species loss.