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Fish News

Fish News -- ScienceDaily
All about fish. Current research in marine biology including fish habitats, aquaculture, speciation, deep sea fish and more.
Fish News -- ScienceDaily
  • Strait of Georgia: Salish Sea seagull populations halved since 1980s
    The number of seagulls in the Strait of Georgia is down by 50 per cent from the 1980s and researchers say the decline reflects changes in the availability of food.
  • One brain area, two planning strategies
    Ready to strike, the spear fisherman holds his spear above the water surface. He aims at the fish. But he is misled by the view: Due to the refraction of light on the surface, he does not see the actual location of the fish. How must his brain now plan the arm movement? Do the brain cells (neurons) reflect the position where the fish was spotted, in other words, the visual target? Or do they plan the physical target, which is the actual direction in which the arm and spear should move in order to hit the fish? In new research, investigators tried to answer this question on the different aspects of planning a limb movement.

Coral Reef News

Coral reef information. Read current news articles on coral reefs in danger due to coral bleaching. See photos of coral reef fish and sponges. Learn about coral reef conservation.

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